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Create visibility in the field and quickly recover from a delay or hiccup in your manufacturing process or site operations by simply installing our GPS trackers.  Always know where assets like stillages, recyclable containers, and custom packaging are and analyze their usage.

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How can Sensolus help you?

Identify asset movements
Recognize delays or hiccups
Streamline company-wide processes

Identify complex asset movements

A manufacturing process with complex logistics can be a tough nut to crack with no solution in place. If you know how your assets, like stillages, recyclable containers, etc. move between different sites or warehouses, you can drastically reduce unnecessary costs and optimize their flow.

Minimize efficiency loss

One planning or communication mistake, like an asset that arrives on the wrong site, means your whole manufacturing process is disturbed. With a solution in place, you can anticipate delays or hiccups in the production chain. This will help you minimize efficiency loss.  

Create full visibility on your site operations

It is almost impossible to efficiently manage a complex logistics process without full visibility on what is happening at different manufacturing sites or warehouses. Our solution allows you to control the allocation, rotation, and capacity of assets on different sites effortlessly due to automatic inventories.


Why Sensolus?

IoT experts Trusted by 500+ customers
Business analytics Custom dashboards & reporting
Customer service Guided testing & training process
Reliable solution Battery prediction & data integrity