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    • Safeguard every step in your supply chain that makes you lose time & money
    • Proof in legal cases
    • Subcontractor compliance monitoring  
    • Anomaly detection
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An industrial solution for supply chain optimization

Capacity prediction
Utilization insights
Exception handling
Automated inventory
Rotation reporting
Location tracking

Gathering complete and accurate data along the supply chain has been a tough nut to crack for decades. The fact remains that, even today, data is often incomplete and fragmented. Connecting your Returnable Transport Packaging (RTPs) to the internet can turn this around. RTPs can be containers, pallets, boxes, ULDs, waste containers, and many other kinds of objects. These objects can be the real carriers of data in your supply chain. Insights about the location and usage of RTPs can be made available to stakeholders to optimize daily processes. Furthermore, it ensures supply chain compliance and enables new cooperation models.

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Why Sensolus?

Trusted solution 100k+ connected assets
Reliable & complete data 100 percent data recovery
Use case profiling Guided testing & training
Innovative services Driven by supply chain insights
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When RTPs speak

  • Automate inventory at different production sites
  • Optimize logistics flows of manufacturing parts
  • Quickly recover from a planning mistake
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  • Monitor trailers when decoupled from a truck
  • Extensive insights on the usage of trailers
  • Analyze insights on the usage of trailers
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